• Launch

    XFowler Duck Blinds are designed to be transported with ease.? Launch and Load like a small boat or personal watercraft.? Whether you are unloading your XFowler Blind in the water or in a dry field, two men can get the job done with ease.

  • Move to the X

    XFowler Duck Blinds are easy to move in water.? Once floating, easily pack your gear, decoys, guns, dog, and guests.? Keep waterfowl guessing and be on the X every time.? With our additional transom mount / step option you can install an electric trolling motor to move silently and easily through the water from one location to another.? As we all know sometimes 20 yards in one direction or the other can make the difference between mediocrity and excellence! .

  • Camouflage with Natural Cover

    Our tapered cage design allows hunters to install natural cover to the blind cage in 3D, lifelike display rather than the straight up and down 2D that does not blend into the natural surroundings.? Nothing beats the real thing!

  • Shoot waterfowl closer than ever before

    Our blinds match and blend with the natural environment so well that you will be able to shoot waterfowl closer than ever before.? XFowler Duck Blinds are as stable as being on land.? You can see better, hear better, and shoot better while remaining completely concealed and hidden.

  • Load or Secure for the Next Hunt

    Once the hunt of your lifetime is complete, load your blind or secure it for next time.? You can winch your XFowler Blind onto the trailer with the provided tow clip and strap it down with two ratchet down straps.? If you plan on keeping the blind in the same body of water for multiple hunts, simply stake / spud pole in two places or anchor and stake / spud pole.? Two point anchorage helps with storm conditions while the through stake holes allow for changes in the water level.