icon_xFowler-med_greenXFowler was created by passionate duck hunters out of pure necessity. Years ago we made the first of many floating duck blinds to hunt in deep water areas. It was impossible to hunt these areas out of tank or stand up blinds. We needed a duck blind that floated. With each new blind model different materials were used until we finally found the proprietary materials that would satisfy our stringent requirements. These materials allow us to manufacture duck blinds that can float well over one thousand pounds while maintaining maximum stability. Standard boats depend on water displacement to float. Our duck blind materials are naturally buoyant while displacing water at the same time. The resulting factor is rock solid stability.

XFowler Duck Blinds are far larger and more comfortable than any other duck blind. Our duck blinds are simple and easy to move. With an optional upgrade, you can order a transom mount and install an electric motor. You can drive your duck blind like a boat. Standard amenities include built in planters to plant live water plants and grasses, welded steel cages equipped with gate and hooks to hang equipment, tough and resistant hard coatings, and non-slip floor coatings.

With XFowler Duck Blinds you will shoot more ducks. Concealment, hearing, sight, balance, comfort, easy entrance/exit, and the ability to easily move your duck blind in any direction at any time all add up to our ultimate goal, successfully shooting more ducks. It is our mission to increase the overall hunting success of our customers and change the way the world hunts ducks. Our mission is inclusive to all men, women, mobility challenged, and handicapped hunters alike. This is the next generation of duck blinds, this is XFowler. Xtreme Duck Blinds for Xtreme Duck Hunters.