New Blind Model Now Available

XFowler Duck Blinds is proud to announce our new XFowler Floating Blind for the 2016 ? 2017 Waterfowl Season.? The new Rice Blind is greatly improve and completely different from the old version which was discontinued last year.? The Rice Blind has a much lower profile than our other blinds and the footprint is much smaller.? That being said, The New Rice Blind can accommodate 3-4 hunters on it?s beefy 6? x 10? platform.? Designed for the Rice Fields or other Low Cover areas, The Rice Blind offers the same ease of moving and level of concealment as our larger and taller blinds but in a sit down version.? The profile off? of the water is only 40? and blends in perfectly with check cover or other low cover plants and vegetation.? Never be in the middle of the field in a big north or south wind again.? Always be where the waterfowl want to be on a storm day, always be on the X with the New XFowler Rice Blind available October 2016!


  • 6? x 10? x 8? Platform
  • 430 lbs
  • Tapered Cage Design x 40? cage height
  • Cage Base: 6? x 10?
  • Cage Top Opening: 3? x 8? with two removable overhead covers.
  • Optional Upgrades Available:? Dog Box