How XFowler Duck Blinds Came to Be

When you absolutely love something and have a passion for it, you always strive to do it better.? Tomorrow will be better, next month will be better, next season will be better.? This is the positive attitude we all share and the rose colored glasses in which we see our sport.? Unexplainable to non-waterfowl addicts but the common denominator that we all share.? In the pursuit of becoming better, getting closer, more intimate up close experiences, and always being on the X, XFowler Duck Blinds was born.? The idea of a floating duck blind has been around forever.? Many have attempted to make there own, some with success, some without.? It never made sense to us that waterfowl hunting from a blind was most always in the same location with no ability to move.? Imagine big game hunting without the ability to quickly change locations.

As my waterfowl partners and I began to age, it was tougher to stand in the tulles all morning long on a cold icy January morning.? Also there were large bodies of water that held thousands of quality waterfowl.? The problem was that they always landed in the middle of the large water and swam in to the edges.? We needed to somehow be on the X and out in the middle where they wanted to work and land.? We needed to be something that looked natural and non-invasive.? The problem was, the loafing lake that we were trying to hunt was more than 100 feet deep.

We needed to float and be safe and stable while floating.? When we made our first floating blind fifteen years ago for our own personal use, the other people that hunted the area called us insane for going out there on some type of homemade device.? Being the tight lipped waterfowl type my brother and I failed to disclose that we had quite a bit of experience with this idea.? We had worked with marine grade polyurethanes and plural component coatings used in marine environments since we were boys.? We knew with 100% certainty that we would be safe and stable.? We knew we would be unsinkable.? We did not know that we would be able to encompass all these elements and successfully bag limits of open water loafing mallards.

Shortly afterwards, the same guys that called us insane asked if they could come along with us.? Years went by and we made several more blinds for our own personal use each time improving on the last model.? Besides making blinds for ourselves, we also started having people ask if we could make blinds for their personal use or for their duck club.? With the proceeds, my brother and I bought better shells and decoys and started to develop a slush fund that would further finance our addiction.? Finally, it got to a point where we were either going to start a business or quite making blinds and focus on our real jobs.? We are attempting to live the American Dream and love what we do for work.? It is not really work if you love it.

I am extremely proud of my brother and all of my partners that have brought us to the level we are today.? We have many happy customers and to this day, not one person, club, or camp has asked for their money back.? Usually if they have one, shortly afterwards they purchase more.? At the end of the day what we do is all about the customer, the waterfowl hunter.? Our XFowler Duck Blinds are made in the USA by waterfowl hunters and for waterfowl hunters.? Our goal is to give you the customer a far better and quality waterfowl hunting experience.? There are so many products that are marketed to us that we all think we need to have and hopefully it will make hunting better or more successful.? XFowler Duck Blinds are one of the few waterfowler tools that will actually make your hunting experience more successful.

XFowler Duck Blinds, always be on the X.? Xtreme Waterfowler, Xtreme Passion for the Sport, Xtreme Steward of our natural environment, Xtreme Ethics in the pursuit of game, Xtreme Respect for the sport, Xtreme Waterfowler?.. XFowler.? Who is the XFowler?? You are the XFowler!? Welcome to Team XFowler!

God Bless and Good Luck this season,
Harry Bunfill, Team XFowler